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CO2 Utilization and Downstream Circular Economy


How we reduce CARBON

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Climate Impact Capital

United States of America

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Project Information


Project Overview:
1) Identify novel technologies ready to form a company or start-ups seeking capital and partnerships within:
a) Carbon Capture and Utilization (fuels and chemicals)
b) Plastics circular economy
c) Ammonia and H2 economy
2) Identify opportunities to integrate and grow multiple technologies as part of a single collaborative platform and investment
3) Bring corporate R&D, pilot, deployment, and growth capital to the table to enable value

Justification / Need

We do not have time to waste in decarbonizing heavy and manufacturing industries and an integrated approach offers the fastest, lowest cost, and lowest risk approach for all stakeholders.

Status Quo


1) Global reach out to bring all stakeholders to collaboration

2) Screening and review of solutions

3) Corporate commitments

Desired Outputs

Financial Overview

What Are We Looking For?

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Alexander Rozenfeld

Managing Director


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