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Symbiotic aims to transform the impact of traditional technology-focused channel sales by incorporating a positive environmental impact into every deal that's made via the platform, resulting in a measurable shift in the impact of capitalism & consumption on the environment.

Symbiotic brings together buyers motivated to have a positive ESG and DEI impact, with sellers similarly motivated for social impact/sustainability.

You too are invited to join the community as we work to turn the costs of business acquisition into positive environmental impact!

MIT Alumni Energy, Environment and Sustainability Network

The purpose and goal of the MIT Alumni Environmental, and Sustainability Network (EESN) is to inform and connect alumni/ae and enable them to collaborate and develop projects to resolve complex energy, climate change, and environmental challenges for a sustainable future.

EarthMedic and EarthNurse Foundation for Planetary Health

EarthMedic is a not-for-profit company headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and aims to mobilize health professionals worldwide to take action to improve planetary health, with a focus on more climate-vulnerable regions. We advocate for action that benefits health and the environment; conduct training to create a more climate-educated health workforce; and support research for action on climate change and health. We strive to build partnerships to fill data gaps and join up silos.

Climefort Ltd

Contrary to common belief, we see IP as a powerful tool for cooperation. That's why Climefort is creating a unified ecosystem where sustainability-focused startups & SMEs, corporates, inventors, consultants & investors can come together to leverage their respective IP AND share their knowledge & resources, all in a controlled & safe environment aimed at facilitating collaborations for the sake of our planet.

If you share our belief that social connectedness through cooperation & collaboration is the preferred way of doing business, and that IP can be a powerful enabler & bridge between people & companies, please join our community to write your commercial AND environmental success story, together.

Global Sustainable Futures

Global Sustainable Futures Netwrok aims to bring together various stakeholders to create research partnerships between diverse academics, facilitate knowledge exchange, and enhance education that can be the key to achieving a sustainable future. Let’s join our forces together to address the urgent issues of climate change and work collaboratively to forge the way forward for sustainability awareness, projects, and practices.

Global Change Associates

Global Change Associates is a New York-based business strategy advisory focused on energy and environmental finance markets. We have particular expertise in ESG Investing and Carbon Credit development.

Our clients include multinational energy companies, private equity funds and software companies. We focus on market entry strategies and competitive analysis for our clients, and where possible, strive to encourage and facilitate cooperation and partnerships between our clients.


This will be a place for people in TheClimateSavers ecosystem to come together, find each other and begin working together!

Climate Impact Capital

Climate Impact Capital (CIC) works with startups, OEMs & energy firms committed to technology deployment & impact that facilitates the transition to significantly cleaner energy generation by 2030.

CIC cultivates our portfolio companies & partners through collaboration, integration & commercial scale-up of emerging products, employing & combining Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) with active board-level influence, operational expertise, and limited partner strategic value focus, all specifically designed to maximize portfolio deployment, growth & impact.

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