Degrowth Community

The online community working together for degrowth

Degrowth World, a sub-community of TheClimateSavers, is the 1st online networking and collaboration community for people and organizations working for a sustainable economy through degrowth.

What are the principles of degrowth?


Degrowth is about transforming global society to ensure individual well-being, environmental justice and a good life for all within planetary boundaries and resource limits.

  1. Growth in sectors that can exist within a resource-constrained world, shares wealth more evenly and contributes to societal wellbeing;

  2. Reduction/elimination of activities in those fields that cannot exist within a resource-constrained world.


We're working to support ventures creating socially-equitable growth in fields compatible with a world that has limited global resources, and ventures that reduce / eliminate growth in fields that are not.

We're also working to actively implement the principles of degrowth through a global network of offices working together to identify and support strategic ventures to accelerate degrowth.

We want to GROW

Use the platform to identify and connect with startups, investors, and other organizations to identify, fund, and leverage innovative climate change-related technologies and opportunities already being developed.

Join live events to give and hear startup pitches, learn about the latest developments and trends, and make valuable connections.

What we want to REDUCE / ELIMINATE

Use the platform to find and post challenges to propose significantly different concepts, approaches, processes and technologies offering alternative solutions to topical challenges and climate change-related goals.

Join live events to participate in R&D partnership-building seminars and working discussions according to topical challenge.

Meet some of the people working to change climate change

Get to know other people working to address climate change who also believe that long-term cooperation and business is built on personal relationships.

Hover over the pictures below to read more about the person, and then click to visit their profile.


We focus on advancing ventures that:

Enable socially-equitable growth in fields that can operate within the limitations of limited global resources;

Directly or indirectly reduce / eliminate activity in fields that are dependent on unlimited extraction or manipulation of natural or human resources

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