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Book Publishing HQ

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Book Publishing HQ is your dedicated partner in the world of publishing, offering comprehensive Book Publishing Services tailored to authors seeking success. From expert editing and formatting to strategic marketing, we guide you through the entire process. Whether you're opting for the independence of Kindle Direct Publishing or leveraging our professional services, we empower your journey to bring your literary creations to life with excellence.

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Dandelion Branding

United States of America

Elevate Your Impact

Dandelion Branding offers holistic marketing services for businesses and nonprofits that have a positive social and environment impact.

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Light Up Africa Initiative


Life To The Earth

Good Day team, I'm Folorunsho Dayo Oluwafemi the founder of Light Up Africa Initiative. Light Up Africa Initiative educate , support and empower women and youth in rural communities with solar home appliances , educate them, tell them about the opportunities in climate change and how they can key into it. Teach them on how they can use solar systems as alternative means for sourcing their electricity to prevent further climate change disasters in their communities. Have started this in some communities in Nigeria and we plan visiting schools sensitizing the young ones about climate change and how they can be an advocate. These are part of of our goal and objectives. All of us on this group will be working together to achieve the goal and objectives .

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