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Ecotopian Careers

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Ecotopian Careers helps people in midlife transition to green jobs



You already know that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Unprecedented numbers of people will be required to course-correct the climate emergency, and many people naturally want to make this the focus of their professional lives.

At the moment there are two primary groups of people who work in climate-related professions: younger people setting out on their careers and older people who are well-established.

But there are many people in midlife who want to reposition themselves professionally to help mitigate climate change, but who are faced with numerous obstacles such as ostensibly unrelated experience, ageism, geographical constraints and multiple personal obligations that make changing careers in midlife a complex undertaking.

Ecotopian Careers is here to help.

Solutions / Services

* We help midlife jobseekers transition to green jobs.
* We help employers understand the challenges faced by midlife jobseekers and to connect with them.
* We create unique content and curate relevant articles in the media.

What are we looking for?

* Midlife green jobseekers looking for support resources
* Green businesses and organizations willing to provide advice to midlife green jobseekers
* People interested in helping to develop the Ecotopian Careers offering


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