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H2 Energy Now


Renewable energy is not stored, we found a way both efficient, and with lower capital costs



Hydrogen is an amazing molecule and can play an enormous role in the next generation power delivery. Because it can be compressed, liquified, and combusted it is a highly advantaged element. Our company seeks to improve the next generation by expanding the use of hydrogen. Our process uniquely uses electromagnetic waves to create green hydrogen so that it is available to smooth generation cycles. We are currently expanding our test systems to support the creation of 100Kg of hydrogen a day. Our

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H2 Energy Now

What are we looking for?

Connections, funding, leads to labs


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Status / Progress

Commercial Status:

Prototype / In development

Fundraising Status:

Actively fundraising

Intellectual Property:

Multiple patents - granted

Compliance & Certifications:

Latest Report:

2020 Aug France, Great Britain, Germany patents granted. 2020 Aug Cleantech Interactive one of World’s top hydrogen companies 2020 Aug 25, 2020 Start demo day Berlin 2020 Aug-Sept Global Incubator Network Go Austria, top 9 companies selected 2020 Aug-Sept Derek Lester, Mechanical Engineer Iowa University, Intern 2020 Aug 31-Sept 1 Hydrogen Master class two days by Netherlands trade office 2020 Sept 9 selected as one of Israel’s top companies Israel-Japan presentation 2020 Sept 10 Presenting at


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