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Softly Incorporated

United States of America

Tread Softly On The Environment: Sustainable Shopping Made Simple



Softly is creating tools to help individuals do their part in saving our planet. Corporations and governments aren't the only ones that can make a difference. You, as a consumer, have power in the choices you make when you shop. Most people say they want to buy environmentally friendly products, but only a fraction actually do. Why? Because finding sustainable products is a hassle! Softly will change that by helping you make smart choices for our environment.

Solutions / Services

Softly is developing tools to offer you sustainable alternatives to the products you are already planning to purchase, and will work behind the scenes on any online shopping site. Softly will do the research for you, making it easy for you to find products based on what is important to you – whether that be environmentally friendly, socially-just, or free of a certain ingredient. We make it simple for you to tread softly on the environment and shop sustainably. Plus we'll track your progress and reward you for your efforts.

What are we looking for?

Funding for continued platform development and launch.


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