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TheClimateSavers Impact2030 Collaboration


Project already underway

TheClimateSavers Category :

How we enable SOCIAL CHANGE

Tournament Goal(s):

This collaboration aims to build a critical mass of people and resources working in cooperation to:

1. Bring together entrepreneurs [& corporates] for impactful networking & synergy building
2. Bring together capital for cost-effective impactful deployment
3. Bring together decision makers through awareness raising for impactful policy making
4. Bring together marketing and community group leaders to find ways to encourage and strengthen individuals' faith that their personal [as well as collective] actions can indeed have an impact, and strengthen their resolve to take consistent action

Tournament Owner:

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Tournament Manager:

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Ian Kaplan

Tournament Teams:

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Caribbean Islands (NT26)

ian test team name 2

Editor in Chief

Tournament Events:

ClimateSavers Week - Keystone Event

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Wall Street Green Summit

Wednesday, November 8, 2023


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