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The Global Climate League

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The first league to unite teams through competition & cooperation to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss & ecosystem degradation, bioregion by bioregion.

Inspired by the passion of sports.

Structured like sports leagues.

The Global Climate League encourages ongoing competition & cooperation between bioregional teams of people all dedicated to advancing circularity, regeneration, degrowth, renewables & carbon reduction, and democracy.

‘Little Planet’ style edit of a 180-degree panorama of my daughter’s little league game th

185 Bioregion Teams

5 Theme-Leagues

1 Global Climate League

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Because we need to change the system -

and we can only do it together!

5 system-changing themes, each with its own theme-league and championship cup with scoring determined through validated methodologies, make up the Global Climate League!


Just 1 goal: to empower and excite teams of organizations and individuals to take action, through cooperation & competition, within and between bioregions, changing how and with whom we come together to address climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, plus democracy for long-term social justice & sustainability.

And if you have to submit sustainability and ESG reports anyhow, why not motivate your team AND have an even bigger impact through the Global Climate League?!

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Global Climate League


Compete and collaborate in 5 theme-leagues, using validated methodologies, for meaningful, continuous progress & impact to address important environmental & social challenges in your bioregion.

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Support and encourage continual, meaningfully impactful action at the bioregional level.

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BioRegion Impact Conferences


Learn, discuss, network & build teams at BioRegion Impact Conferences (BRICs) that address environmental, social & climate change-related issues & opportunities in your & other bioregions.

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Create an alternative mechanism [beyond COP] for convening at the bioregional level for discussion and cooperation.

How It Works



CREATE your profile(s) on TheClimateSavers (TCS)

Create personal, organization, event and activity / tournament / competition profiles on TheClimateSavers.



CONNECT your TCS profile(s) to the Global Climate league (GCL)

Connect your profile(s) on TheClimateSavers to the Global Climate League with a click of the button.



PARTICIPATE in events, tournaments & activities

Join / create teams to take part in activities & events & accumulate points in competitions held by members of the Global Climate League - or even your own! 



TRACK league progress and championships

Track activities & team standings [determined by points received for impact] throughout the season until the league champions are named!



OWN & MANAGE your own private league!

Own and manage your own private closed league where you have full control over all members and activity to meet specific goals.

Want to see how to do more stuff in the Global Climate League??

Why It Has Impact

Brings people together by bioregion for local  relevance & inclusiveness

Network, discuss challenges & opportunities, & build teams to take action in your bioregion at BioRegional Impact Conferences (BRICs).

Encourages global participation for impact at scale

5 theme-leagues where 185 teams representing each of the 185 bioregions around the world cooperate & compete to see who can make the most progress.

Turns discussion into continuous, impactful action

Unlimited opportunities for anyone to join and support their bioregional team to compete, cooperate, and make a difference!

Aligns stakeholders around common goals, visions & passions

Public & private leagues with all the capabilities needed to bring together organizations, partners, and/or ecosystems around specific performance targets and goals.

Meet the Global Climate League

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All Leagues

Global Climate League

The top-level league within which all the other league action takes place!

Explore what's happening!

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Tournaments / Competitions

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Action / Projects


Teams / Players

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Conferences / Events



Find your Bioregion

STEP 1. Choose a Bioregion


All 3 dropdown menus must be used for accurate results.

STEP 2. Search Results

Find your bioregion


Continental Antarctica (AN1)

Who's in this bioregion?

Drag and click an image below to better view the photo and open the profile.

Add a Title
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Add a Title
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Ecoregions and Countries / States / Provinces in this bioregion:


  1. The same ecoregion name may appear multiple times in the list below. This is because the same ecoregion may exist in multiple countries / states / provinces.

  2. You may see countries / states / provinces that you did not choose included in the list of search results for your bioregion. This is not an error. The goal is to bring people together who live in the same bioregion, not just the same country / state / province.

Adelie Land Tundra


Admiralty Islands Lowland Rainforests

Papua New Guinea

Aegean and Western Turkey Sclerophyllous and Mixed Forests



Global Climate League in Numbers









League Sponsors:

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


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