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How we manage WATER



developer of innovative and unified solutions related to the problems of irrational exploitation of natural resources, energy autonomy of production processes and environmental programs to prevent biosphere pollution

How THINGS are manufactured

Nyc Leather City

United States of America

Nyc Leather City

How we enable SOCIAL CHANGE

Yair Kaplan


Test text

Active in ALL fields

Charlotte Sach

United States of America

Executive director of Camp Footprint
President of Urth Club at high school
Blog editor for Youth4Climate
17 years old
Living in San Diego, CA
Avid runner
Love any outdoor activities


Book Publishing HQ

United States of America

Book Publishing HQ – Your Ultimate Book Publishing Service and Book Marketing Partner

How we reduce CARBON

Mulenga Chikumbi


Mulenga is a carbon management student at the University of Edinburgh. I'm passions include ecosystems conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, renewable energy and carbon accounting

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