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How we improve HEALTH

Abdulhakim Zubairu


I am a registered nurse by profession, 200L Bachelor Of nursing sciences student, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. I am the Founder, premier Development Initiative.

Active in ALL fields

Megan Werpy

United States of America

I'm helping to create a collaboration platform for the development and delivery of solutions to the climate crisis. I'm passionate about the root causes of the climate crisis so decisions can create real solutions, not more bandaids.
We offer free climate conversations, education, and collaboration teams for those passionate about 'moving the needle'. I live in South Dakota (US) have two kids and two labs, we spent a lot of time in nature. I tend to be as loving as I am intense; the world needs us to act now and that means getting uncomfortable; I'm here for it while honoring your views, experience, and the uniqueness only you bring to the table. The challenges we all face are no longer about being right or wrong; it's about collaborating to find solutions that will impact the common good.

Active in ALL fields

Aubrey Wallace


Aub is a vigilante sustainability advocate fighting the green hush.. ie. the cofounder of Dandelion Branding.

How we manage ECOSYSTEMS

Michael Wanjuzi Makongo


I am a farmer, climate change activist and passionate about the Environment. I am also a Laudato si Animator Uganda with the Laudato Si'Movement.

Active in ALL fields

Ilan Mandel


CEO of the Climate Restoration Network, CEO of the Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board, Founder and former CEO of the Foundation for Climate Restoration

How we apply ESG principles



Choosing Sustainability as a career was not my choice but now it becomes my second love after parents. I am a sustainability ambassador in my social circle and one of the pioneers in establishing a corporate sustainability & chemical management department.

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