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Alexander Rozenfeld

United States of America

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Alex has been an active supporter of the energy entrepreneurship community as an energy co-chair of the Houston Angel Network, chair of the Energy Initiative at The Center for Houston’s Future, Advisory Board member of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, founding member of the Advisory Board for the Houston Advanced Research Center and an active adviser to many energy companies. Under Alex’s leadership, Climate Impact Capital launched Texas Innovates, a non-profit hardtech incubator working on energy and water challenges, where Alex is President of the BoD. His work also includes international roles, such as the Advisory Board to the Energy Innovation Initiative at World Economic Forum (WEF). Alex holds BSE magna cum laude and an International Policy certificate from P


Climate Impact Capital (CIC) invests in technology companies and supports our partners to target today’s relevant issues in energy and climate change. At our core, CIC creates resilience and prepares our partners, customers and portfolio companies for a world challenged by climate variability and resource scarcity.


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