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Brian McLaughlin


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Evaluated by leading CHRP's and senior business and government leaders as an "impressive mid-to-senior-level talent asset."

Extensive (‘Fortune 500 company’) professional, and senior-level industry experience. A dynamic and multi-dimensional sales, marketing, communications and public relations, and business development professional with a proven-track record. An editorial thought-leader, who rises-and-shines with niche business, public sector, industry and alternative technologies communications topics; and a risk-taker, who succeeds within challenging environments. Professional business acumen, excellent interpersonal skills; and, most importantly, extensive work experience with specific experience in designing strategy and new business development for new reseller sales channels; developing impactful communications programs and diverse media projects; implementing and improving processes with new channels; coordinating and facilitating accelerated change across-organizations.


Civil Rights and Social Action, Economic Empowerment, Environment, Human Rights, Politics (Developing World Issues - the interconnectedness between Human Rights, Environment-Energy Issues and Economic Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples), Science and Technology, and Arts and Culture.


Offer dynamic and professional communications, multimedia, marketing and business development consulting expertise leveraging 'Earth Ethics' as a 21st Century Renaissance awakening aligned with Gen Y and Gen Z behaviors towards a circular, reciprocal and enlightened economy.

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