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Founder of the first startup factory building deeply conntected ecosystems of regenerative businesses. Applying the approach in the comprehensive DIY guide to building regenerative ecosystems of businesses written by myself and economist Jack Reardon (Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You). It shows step by step how to build across the 6 strata: the global economy and a reality-centred multi-capital approach to economics, building antifragile circular / local economic systems and models, incorporating multi-capital multi-stakeholder businesses. designed to maximise ecosystem level efficiencies, fluid organisation design, developmental interactions between people, and within each of us.

10 years experiences as an R&D manager with P&G in Belgium and China, following 10 years in physics


Physics, psychology, organisation design, mental health, hiking, mountains and forests, reading novels, good food!


Purpose: Evolutesix exists to create an inclusive Economy of the Free that works for all, by growing ecosystems of regenerative Adaptive Organisations and Individuals addressing our social and environmental challenges, rebuilding what exists, and creating what’s new.

Build out our startup factory + holding company to over 1bn invested in regenerative businesses we create, accelerate, and sustain using our OS and platform

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