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Grazyna Lallemand


3ec-TV Founder/CEO

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• Founder of 3ec-TV
• Advisor to the 'Transatlantyk' International Film & Music Festival 'Culinary Cinema' in Poland (founded by the Oscar-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek).
• Translator French-English-Polish for: the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris, an international law and advisory firm on intellectual property and a company specialized in developing tools for electronic trading on Euronext.
• Clinical Trial Manager at the Medical Research Council in UK. This work reinforced my awareness of the link between humans and the environment.
• Export Director of Grands Crus Classés and Champagne for French wine companies. This experience sparked my decision to encourage the industry and consumers to turn to entirely sustainably-produced products and I founded 'Caelestis'- a charity dedicated to World Wildlife Fund, which successfully raised funds and public environmental awareness:


green economy, nature, environment, organic gardening, gender equity, various cultures, compelling television programmes, language learning


1. integrate ethics and the ‘green’ economy into a multiplatform television channel (3ec-TV Ethical Code) including in its programmes and in its functioning (ex. reduce carbon footprint) to become a benchmark
2. inspire and engage wide audiences (including via social networks) to incite positive action
3. collaborate with NGOs worldwide and offer them exposure and financial support for a greater impact
4. collaborate with universities worldwide on various bilingual projects (ex. constructive journalism) to raise educational standards
5. co-produce internationally compelling television programmes and movies to widen audiences and their horizons
6. create partnerships with companies respectful of ethics and the environment to develop green economy
7. offer ‘media for equity’ to ‘green’ start-ups to encourage positive solutions

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