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Irshad has over 30 years of Fortune 500, not-for-profit, entrepreneurial, corporate management, technology development and consulting experience. In his present capacity as the President & CEO of Auris BioEnergy Inc., a Renewable Energy & Biotechnology Company, Irshad is leading the effort to consolidate the US Biodiesel Industry in order to establish Auris as a global leader in specialty chemicals and transportation fuel markets. He is in charge of all corporate and operational management functions of the Company, including all R&D efforts, project development, and construction and facilities operation.

Before starting Auris BioEnergy, Irshad served as the President & CEO of Pure Energy Corporation—a biofuels company that pioneered the next generation of alternative fuels and biorefinery technologies. Prior to joining Pure Energy, Irshad served for four years as the Director of Renewable Energy and Biotechnology worldwide management consulting practice at Booz·Allen & Hamilton.


Irshad has been pursuing a dedicated career path to help the global energy system to make a smooth transition to cleaner alternative clean energy and sustainable sources of energy, especially through the replacement of liquid transportation fossil fuels with biofuels (biodiesel and ethanol made from waste or dedicated non-food resources).


Develop and implement the MIT Alumni Climate Business & Innovation Group as a collaboration platform for all MIT Alumni to interact and support each other building a sustainable manufacturing and infrastructure launchpad for the next generation of innovative clean technologies through disruptive start-ups.

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