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Jack Palis

United States of America

Director, Sustainability Risk


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A 37-year corporate career of environmental risk management in the oil industry, business consulting, and insurance, followed by 4 years of funemployment. My corporate environmental work began looking at ways to reduce and treat wastes before sustainability and resilience became marketing terms for businesses. Worked on great projects to cleanup and re-purpose contaminated industrial and waste sites, provide clean drinking water, and to reduce chemicals in the environment. I also saw the lack of commitment and dedication to environmental protection. I now seek opportunities to work with social enterprise and benefit corporations or non-profit entities committed to environmental protection, resource stewardship, social equity and prosperity for those left behind in today's economy.


The outdoors, of course. I love cycling, hiking, swimming. Returned to gardening during the pandemic and working to naturalize my suburban property in a way that benefits the environment and inspires others to do the same. I also love puzzles, looking at things differently, questioning my own and society's beliefs, and have a mindset that I'm always starting my next half. I'm grateful that over the past 20 months, I've read more books than I've binged-watched Netflix series.


My main goals are to be a good ancestor, find meaningful projects to needed to help people and the planet flourish today and into the future, and to be able to select "I can assist with funding" below.

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