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Lee Marcum

United States of America

Chief R/D Officer/Partner


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NASA Award, 20 year Top Secret with Crypto clearance, 4 degrees, patented inventor in many sciences, owner of 2 international clean businesses/partner in others, trained ISO14001 CONSULTANT and many more interelated clean tech, climate change challenges, disater recovery, self-sustaining communities including housing medical/educational systems. Working with award winning STEM, Exploravision students (1st in Nationls /State 2 yrs in a row), volunteer training in colleges, Univ., NASA/DOD and various small and large businesses, in addition to prepareing reports for IRENA, UN on clean power, water, food, technologies including for ISS, and cybersecurity defenses.


Exploring the "so-called unknown," writing unique plot theme books," drawing/painting thought proving discussions based upon the "What IF."


My age is 75 with some health complications and I would like to live within a moderly healthy life style for as many years as I can and see the dreams I have and will have that are emotionally and supported by my partners freiend/families come true for the betterment of man-kind and especially the planet and beyond.

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