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After 15 years of consulting in the MENA region, and having co-founded my own business, in people and organisation development, I realised that I was so deeply embedded in the functional systems that hold the economy together in its dysfunctionality. I now commit my time and knowledge to growing and supporting ecosystems of regenerative people and startup teams that want to create a world that works for all, where all people and planet profit.


Animals, humans, food, regenerative practices, regenerative business models - multi-stakeholder and multi-capital, new economic models, startups, people in a transition in their lives and careers, economic inequality, the climate crisis, systems thinking, design thinking, self-governing, adaptive organisation models, peer 2 peer dialogue, harnessing conflict, zebras, connected business ecosystems.


My goal is to help create a world that my children and grandchildren can not only live in, but thrive in.

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