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How we reduce CARBON

Tyler Wood

United States of America

Director of ESG & Sustainabilitty


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Tyler Wood has served in various leadership roles within the hedge fund industry for 20 years. He believes that the transition towards decarbonization and electrification are the largest trends and biggest opportunity in modern human history that will transition the world economy from linear and extractive to circular and regenerative.
Mr. Wood has been characterized throughout his 20+ year career with a personal and positive communication style that inspires people to act decisively towards a common goal.

Mr. Wood's Specialties include: ESG, SDG's, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Carbon Capture, Nature based solutions, Renewable energy, Capital Formation, Business Development.


Hot Planet Repair Team, T4L (Transportation 4 Life)
Tennis, Sailing, Beach, Skiing, Yoga, Traveling, Networking


Untrash the Planet
Scale Carbotura Zero-Fill™ and Bio-Carbon™ Globally

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