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She has a wide range of experience both locally and overseas and has a multidimensional background across strategy development, investment, risk and compliance governance, sustainability, commercialisation and organisational transformation.

Currently, Ms. Pavri is a Non-Executive Director of Magnis Energy Technologies , Uniting Ethical Investors Ltd, Chair of the Apostle Ethical and Impact Advisory board, and sits on various advisory committee panels. She is a Partner at SDGx Ventures, an Impact VC investment firm focussed on investing in deep tech companies solving for climate.



I work at the intersection where I am able to translate, build bridges and create cross agency collaborations between multiple stakeholders, with the aim of building long term value creation for the companies I invest in and for all their stakeholders.

I have always loved working off a clean sheet of paper , creating something from nothing and believe in collaborations, working with integrity and ethics. My Impact goal is to positively impact directly or indirectly (through my impact VC fund) 100m people and create a regenerative society and planet. Look forward to collaborating with new tribe members!

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