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Want a brighter, climate-friendly future?
Come together, collaborate and build it on TheClimateSavers

4 ways TheClimateSavers helps you say, "I'm a climate saver, too!"

GENERAL Networking Solution

Anyone, anywhere, in any field connected to climate change, can find, connect and interact with other like-minded individuals who care about climate change.

Because climate change crosses borders, fields and industries, we believe you too should be able to operate across silos, whether you’re networking at events, finding leads & potential clients, connecting with project partners, or uncovering collaboration opportunities.


- Individuals
- Organizations
- Business development & marketing managers
- NGOs, non-profits & community groups
- Research institutes & academia
- Investors
- Startups & entrepreneurs
- Mentors & influencers


The borders between fields, industries and communities are increasingly being blurred as we recognize that our activities all impact - and are impacted by - climate change.

Where it was once simply accepted practice for communities - whether online, at events, or in collaborations - to be separated from each other, we now realize that addressing climate change requires joining up silos, breaking down walls, and coming together to accelerate joint actions that can decelerate the pace and reduce the impact of climate change.

TheClimateSavers general networking solution means it’s now easier than ever to find, join, create, and move between communities, with no need to create new profiles for each new event or community.


TheClimateSavers makes it easy to create personal and organizational profiles (as well as event and collaboration profiles) AND display them in the networking areas of specific events and collaborations that may interest you. It’s now easy to find people and organizations using different filters, learn about what’s going on AND find others interested in the same topics as you based on the events and collaborations displaying their profile(s).

Begin by creating your personal profile so people can find you, and display your profile in an event or collaboration networking area.

Want to really stand out? Add more information to your personal profile on the My Personal Profile page. Attending an event? Create a Faces Gallery profile so that it appears in the entertainingly interactive searchable Faces Gallery page AND connect it to a specific event.

Once you’ve created your personal profile, you can also create an organization profile. And once that’s done, you can create - and manage - your own events and collaborations as well. You can even create multiple organization profiles, as well as multiple event and collaboration profiles.

Since each event and collaboration includes its own networking area so other people interested in your event / collaboration can display their own profile in the event / collaboration networking area, you can easily see who shares your same fields of interest, contact them and start building a relationship.

TheClimateSavers is all about helping people find each other, come together, and work together. We provide the tools to accelerate networking and cooperation that can decelerate climate change; It’s up to you to decide how you use them.

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Whether you're looking to network & connect, make your events more appealing to attract more participants, or make your community more impactful, there's a solution for you.


Free *


  • Create & edit multiple Personal, Organization, Event & Collaboration profiles

  • Events includes module to add / edit unlimited number of event sessions & speakers

  • Collaborations includes module to manage multiple collaborations, including:

    • Workplan Module to create unlimited number of stages;

    • Shared Workspace Documents Module connected to up to 3 cloud-based documents per stage;

    • Collaboration Team Management Module;

    • Open Networking Area

* Prices and features subject to change

Version: April 25, 2022


EVENTS Package *


- Includes Standard Package

- Plus:

  • Display event sponsors / partners logo, name and link to website to generate additional revenue from your events

    • Unlimited number of events, event participants, logos

* Prices and features subject to change

Version: April 25, 2022



- Includes Standard package

- Includes Events package

- Plus:

  • Branded by-invite-only area where organization's ecosystem / community can display their profiles;

  • Branded password-protected registration form to invite ecosystem / community to join networking area;

  • Dedicated forum for use in all organization events & collaborations;

  • Gallery to spotlight community organizations & events

* Prices and features subject to change

Version: April 25, 2022

Coming together...
Deals may be closed between companies...
it takes PEOPLE with shared values, who want to work together, coming together, to deliver results.

That's why TheClimateSavers is dedicated to joining up silos -

any organization, any event, any collaboration.

Networking increases VALUE

Communities become more impactful and valuable to all when anyone interested in the topic at hand can network with anyone else.

Networking increases RELEVANCE

We're naturally drawn to others with similar interests, so where better to meet & work with people with similar interest & goals than at events and through communities created through mutual connections?

Networking increases IMPACT


Building new relationships & collaborations takes time to make an impact which is why every community, event & collaboration profile [can] stay open 24/7/365.

Learn more

Image by Duane Storey

Take the lead.

We're a gathering of PEOPLE & ORGANIZATIONS dedicated to "leading by example".

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Work together through collaborations.

We're a gathering of COLLABORATORS "joining up silos" and creating innovative opportunities for cooperation that makes an impact.

It doesn't matter which of 14 fields we cover related to climate change you may be passionate about.

We're joining up silos so YOU can begin collaborating more quickly and efficiently.

Together, we can uncover innovative synergies and build collaborations that make an impact.


Because there's only one climate, and we're all in it - TOGETHER.

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