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Experiencing Regenerative Organizations

Plura Consulting

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We live in a lineal system, where leadership and business models are determined by the growth of financial means. In fact, our definition of wealth as individuals, organizations, and nations is based on parameters that measure how successful we are to compete and extract resources, rather than redefine more caring economies based on parameters that measure regenerative practices and values. That means, grounded on consciousness, empathy, and collaboration.

Currently and around the world, more international benchmarks and certifications assess companies under global standards across sectors and regions, not only to certify the accountability and transparency of companies based on their quality performance but to measure their values for a transition from a shareholder capitalism to a social capitalism. This transition started few decades ago, with COVID-19 lessons reflecting it not as an option but as the only economic, social, and environmentally sustainable pathway.

However, no management tools can solve challenges without changing our mindsets - not to survive but to thrive. Thus, understanding the balance and interconnection between humans, natural systems, and organizations is vital. For instance, acknowledging humans as part of nature, celebrating human diversity, or building new narratives to expand opportunities locally and globally.

Join to know what regeneration means to you, get to know my definition based on my experience trained as a B Corp Leader by the B Corp Nordics and as facilitator in Regeneration by Laura Storm, co-author of the book "Regenerative Leadership. In addition, I will mention practical examples from regenerative organizations, which participated in the Online Course "Sustainable Development Goals for Regenerative Organizations", designed, and delivered by Plura Consulting, in co-creation with our partners.


Daniela Cox



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