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Branding social impact in transaction.



Symbiotic looks to help shift capitalism conscious one transaction at a time via branded social impact technology distribution platform layer. Transforming traditional buy/sell technology channel realm with superchannel innovation connecting motivated buyers looking for social impact/sustainability to sellers primed for profit and purpose over a $T plus addressable spend.

Mapping social impact on every transaction via embedded philanthropy mechanisms on environmentally neutral blockchain smart contracts, showcasing customer’s indirect financial support to chosen NGO to correlating SDG on compelling, social media optimized NFT’s.

Shifting the cost of business acquisition from kickback to impact and by doing so, covering the cost of social impact. Additionally once NGO’s use Symbiotic for alt-fundraising and uncover opportunities for selling partners, we create our own version of closed loop/ circular Symbiotic economics! Symbiotic brands itself as social impact in transaction. Be Symbiotic!

Solutions / Services

We enable social impact for distribution channels.

What are we looking for?

Partners ... buyers, sellers, funders, media.


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Status / Progress

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Actively fundraising

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Jay Frank

founder and CEO


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