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185 Bioregion Teams

     5 Theme-Leagues

          1 Global Climate League

Because We Need A New Way Of Coming Together.


The Global Climate League is a new and exciting venture that brings people together at the bioregional level - whether individuals, companies, schools, community groups, anyone! - to take action on those environmental and social issues most relevant to their specific bioregion.

The Global Climate League is the umbrella organization for 185 teams - 1 for each bioregion of the world. It unites 4 stand-alone theme-leagues, each with its own league-specific standings and championship. Each team is made up of all the people, organization and companies - the players - undertaking any activity in the specific bioregion related to the 4 themes.

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Global Climate League


Cooperation & competition through the 4 environmentally-related theme-leagues of the Global Climate League, plus a democracy theme-league for social and civil equality, justice and stability.

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BioRegion Impact Conferences


Bioregion-oriented, theme-league-specific BioRegional Impact Conferences for topical discussion, opportunity identification, team building, project creation / support, etc.

Compete and collaborate in any of the 5 theme-leagues for meaningful, continuous progress & impact on important environmental & social challenges in your bioregion.

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Support and encourage continual, meaningfully impactful action at the bioregional level.

Learn, discuss, network & build teams at BioRegion Impact Conferences (BRICs) that address environmental, social & climate change-related issues and opportunities in your & other bioregions.

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Create an alternative mechanism [beyond COP] for convening at the bioregional level for discussion and cooperation.


Discuss issues, formulate solutions, build teams to take action & share results with like-minded people.


Challenge others to see who can make the most progress.

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Discover people, companies, and projects looking for partners.

Image by Papaioannou Kostas


Engage as a fan by encouraging (points for likes?? fan area - forum, networking), learning, discussing, and more!

Bringing people together by bioregion

Network, discuss challenges & opportunities, & build teams to take action in your bioregion at BioRegional Impact Conferences (BRICs).

Encouraging global participation

5 theme-leagues where 185 teams - 1 from each of the 185 bioregions around the world - cooperate & compete to see who can make the most progress.

Turning discussion into ongoing, impactful action

Unlimited opportunities for anyone to join and support their bioregional team to compete, cooperate, and make a difference!


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