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Addressing climate change holistically.

By doing!

Bringing together people, resources & tools for scalable climate action through....


Investment fund


Messaging agency


Online networking & collaboration hub

.... because the earth has limits even if the climate knows no boundaries.

We believe that the best way to ensure individual well-being & environmental justice for all within planetary boundaries & resource limits is through ventures aligned with two core principles:

Principle #1

Growth in sectors that can exist within a resource-constrained world, minimizes environmental / social damage, and shares wealth more equitably to contribute to overall societal wellbeing.

Principle #2

Reduction / elimination of activities in those fields that cannot exist within a resource-constrained world.

We're aiming to embed these two core principles into a future that looks like this...


... so to help turn this into a reality, we've created TheClimateSavers Group (TCSG), the first combined climate-focused fund, virtual communications agency and online networking and collaboration platform, all in one.


TCSG has a proprietary formula for scaling impactful ventures. We align the two core principles above for both planetary and financial success, the 2 growth scalability criteria below to determine whether a venture can both "scale-up" AND "scale-out" for timely, system-level impact, and 4 independent but complementary categories, to make sure we're always working for maximum effect.

2 ways to scale:

Scaling-up means...

...the core venture is aligned with the 2 core principles above for applicability, relevance and impact at both the local and global level.

Scaling-out means...

...the same core venture can be modified to take into account local context so that, with the right support, it can be deployed in multiple geographies.

5 criteria to determine whether a venture can scale-up & scale-out:

  • Does the venture have a viable strategy for creating agreement across the most important economic challenges in multiple countries?

  • Ideally there is no / limited institutional competition, but if it does exist, can the venture neutralize counter-actions / existence of such competition?


  • Does the venture involve a core team / organization of respected leaders across the spectrum?


  • Can the venture potentially mobilize / partner with 100+ organizations with funding & the desire to coordinate to reach / “convert” at least 25% of the population of each country?


  • Can the venture mobilize volunteer supporters worldwide to activate the 25% in each country to overcome the opposition and rally national-level support for change?

Unlike most other fields, climate change is a cross-sector system-level challenge, so instead of looking for ventures in specific fields, we look at ventures based on their potential system-level impact in at least 1 of 4 top-level focal areas:

4 categories.jpg


Solutions that change "how things are done" to avoid potential / further degradation of critical ecosystems & crossing tipping points.


Solutions for new daily routines and lifestyles necessitated by climate change to enable a "new normal".


Solutions that facilitate reducing the severity of catastrophes & extreme weather events resulting from climate change.


Solutions that facilitate restoration & recovery of ecosystems that can counter / reverse the effects of climate change.

Ventures that meet the 2 core criteria, can both scale-up and scale-out, and fit into at least 1 of the 4 top-level areas, are categorized according to 1 of 3 environments:

aerial photography of pains_edited.jpg


At the heart of everything is the natural environment & the various ecosystems without which we simply can't survive.


So we're interested in solutions that address how we interact with water (oceans) and land (soil) to ensure there's a planet that can sustain life.

Cityscape of Bangkok Downtown_edited.jpg


We spend our days in the built environment, growing, developing and going beyond "just" surviving.


So we're interested in solutions that shape how we interact with city infrastructure and with each other in a climate-changed world.

Image by Robynne Hu


Today, we're redefining how we interact with everything and everyone through the digital environment


So we're interested in solutions that can shape and change consumption and supply behavior at-scale for greater awareness and optimal resource use.

Our unique combination of services and criteria means together we can...

Catalyze a concerted world-wide push to address climate change at the system level that is, on one hand, guided by two core principles shared by all, while also fine-tuned for context-relevant implementation on the other.

Amplify individual efforts by merging them into a single unified effort molded and focused by a dedicated virtual marketing agency, with opportunities created and information disseminated via an online community networking hub so that all members can learn from, connect with and support - and derive support from - each other for maximum pace and scale of impact.


Scale efforts world-wide using an unprecedented combination of methodologies that reinforce each other, all with one aim: addressing climate change through system-level change never imagined before.

Leverage digital innovation, marketing and networking in a whole new way to achieve system-level scaling and impact.


But we can't "digital away" carbon.... or can we?

Why digital?

While we can't "digital away" carbon, we can use digital solutions to change behavior at scale to redefine how we interact with objects produced by climate-impacting, carbon-intensive industries.


Cars, buildings, and many other goods - including food - are created in massive quantities because each unit is often used very inefficiently, resulting in industries with massive climate impacts.


So we focus on developing, supporting and leveraging innovative digital solutions that can increase the per unit utilization efficiency of and awareness about the climate impact of objects that are otherwise wastefully under-utilized / under-appreciated. By enabling changes in consumption behavior that can reduce the total number of units needed, the carbon footprints of entire industries can be reduced while also creating new business and growth opportunities compatible with a world with limited resources.

Furthermore, digital solutions can be quickly deployed at scale, relatively inexpensively, with wide impact; this is important when time is of the essence as it is with climate change.

That's why we aim to support / invest in:

  • Digital solutions that accelerate scalable implementation of restoration / regeneration projects that can deliver immediate impact;

  • Development of innovative digital solutions accelerating system-level behavioral change to radically transform climate-impacting industries for long-term impact;

  • In-house teams developing proprietary, strategic, enabling digital technology & solutions.


Now, combine all that with online networking and digitally-connected marketing, and we have something interesting. You need look no further than the rate and scope of social media and mobile device adoption to see the potential in this digital-first strategy.

We want to work with people & help support ventures that align with our beliefs, mission & strategy.

We believe that the urgency of climate change requires a holistic strategy to enable timely system-level change.


This requires bringing people together, supporting them with significant resources & marketing capabilities, & implementing those strategic actions & solutions at scale that can deliver far-reaching yet immediate impact AND important co-benefits for additional longer-term positive impact.

Our mission is to help prevent social upheaval & ecosystem collapse, and support regeneration & equality.


We aim to facilitate a wider social & economic transition away from a linear, resource-extracting global economy incompatible with a world that has limited resources, towards a world that can equitably support a growing population within the limitations of global resources.

Our strategy is to break down silos and join up efforts aligned with a shared vision & mission.


We're doing this by bringing together under one roof as many as possible mission-critical elements required for realizing this mission.

If that's you...

"Virtual" Marketing Agency

Consumer marketing is a well-oiled machine that uses tools and tactics honed through decades of marketing and sales campaigns to carefully and precisely nurture generation after generation of consumers.

We're a global network of B2C and B2B experts who have used the same tactics and strategies as are used to help drive consumption and build globally recognized brands. Now we're putting these same strategies and tactics to work for a very different purpose: to mobilize change at-scale to address climate change. 


We're helping portfolio & non-portfolio companies alike who are aligned with our investment criteria to coordinate and amplify similar messaging reflecting synergistic goals, shared perspectives & a joint mission. We also initiate and implement public awareness-raising and mobilization campaigns, and devise and coordinate strategically planned and executed online events.

Marketing 1.jpg

Online Cross-Silo Networking and Collaboration Hub

TheClimateSavers Networking and Collaboration platform enables any person or organization active in 14 different fields all related to climate change to find, learn about, and connect and collaborate with each other, all in one location.

The online platform makes it easy for any event organizer, collaboration owner or organization to bring together their community to network, uncover synergies and create opportunities for impact.


With the addition of each new community coming together around a specific event, collaboration or organization registered on the platform, the entire community grows, breaking down of walls between communities and joining up of otherwise siloed people and organizations across industry sectors, locations and occupations.


Open 24/7/365, people and organizations can migrate from event to event, find new people to speak with, and discover new opportunities for cooperation with other like-minded people who all agree about at least one thing: we need to accelerate networking and cooperation if we want to decelerate the pace and impact of climate change.

TCS screen shot home.jpg

Innovation. Equality. Transparency. Sustainability. Scalability.


A shared mission for a shared climate means sharing a bit about what we're working on...

Blockchain-based accounting for greater transparency, competitive efficiency & wealth distribution

Re-imagining & re-purposing private EV cars into public transportation for the best of both worlds

Optimizing car & building occupancy to reduce construction & manufacturing intensity



Block-chain-based "bottom-up" scope 3 carbon accounting


AI-powered shared transportation ("carpooling 2.0")

Smart pricing to increase building & vehicle occupancy rates



Market-driven carbon-credit-based wealth redistribution

Converting the E & S in ESG into convertible, interchangeable "currencies"



"Full price" product tagging with context for consumer awareness

"Drive to the bottom" to encourage manufacturers to compete based on carbon "fingerprint"



Local urban self-sufficiency & reduced urban heat island effect through integrated infrastructure modules (agri-voltaics)

Modular housing



Global networking

Global marketing

Global carbon account management & distribution

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