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April 18, 2022 at 8:06:20 AM

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Stage 2 - Plan building

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February 2022 - March 2022


In this stage we determine who does what.


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ola Hanaa El-Din Ismail


Dear admin,
spreading awareness among people about the climate change, and what should we do to overcome this problem. It is my mission.

Alan Calcott

United Kingdom

I am active is pushing the low carbon agenda and changing peoples minds on Climate Change denial.
I believe in de-growth, but in a way that supports people.
I run a small Mechanical and Electrical consultancy specialising in Low Carbon Buildings in Huddersfield, UK.

Mohamed Salah


I'm a multidisciplinary biologist

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Light Up Africa Initiative


Good Day team, I'm Folorunsho Dayo Oluwafemi the founder of Light Up Africa Initiative. Light Up Africa Initiative educate , support and empower women and youth in rural communities with solar home appliances , educate them, tell them about the opportunities in climate change and how they can key into it. Teach them on how they can use solar systems as alternative means for sourcing their electricity to prevent further climate change disasters in their communities. Have started this in some communities in Nigeria and we plan visiting schools sensitizing the young ones about climate change and how they can be an advocate. These are part of of our goal and objectives. All of us on this group will be working together to achieve the goal and objectives .

The Energy conscious Oganisation

United Kingdom

The Energy Conscious Organisation - EnCO programme is a dynamic, Global programme encouraging the use of behaviour change by commercial/non-domestic energy users to reduce their energy usage. We provide the training needed for these programmes to be implemented as well as the structure to certify organisations that have successfully implemented a programme.

GreenEnergy GPO

United States of America

We leverage the committed spend of an esteemed collection of corporations and private equity firms to deliver immediate savings from a comprehensive contract portfolio. We also return value through aggregated sourcing events and custom sourcing engagements.

Our mission is to help members achieve their sustainability goals by providing high quality renewable energy credits and carbon offsets at the lowest possible prices.



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ClimateSavers Week - Keystone Event

November 21, 2021

This event is organized by:


A week of events by organizations and people from around the world, all working in different fields to address climate change. Includes event networking.

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