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Welcome to Global ClimateSavers Week 2021!

We're here to accelerate networking and collaborations to decelerate climate change

What is Global ClimateSavers Week?

Global ClimateSavers Week is a week of online events organized by people, companies and organizations all around the world to accelerate cooperation by bringing together

  • Startups developing innovative technologies

  • Companies that can accelerate deployment of market-ready climate-improving technologies

  • Investors & funding sources

  • Mentors with experience & insights

  • Trade associations & local economic development organizations

  • Academia & NGOs

  • Government offices dealing with policy, planning, regulations, etc. connected to climate-change-related fields

  • Anyone who cares about climate change!


all ClimateSavers Week events


Get a quick overview of events being held throughout the week in different fields.


reception hall



Visit the Faces Gallery to learn a bit about the other visitors.


kickoff roundtable!



We've brought together thought leaders from around the world!


events & begin networking


Explore ClimateSavers Week events, exhibitors & participants by field


in discussions



Read, post, and respond to discussions about climate change.

3 ways to be involved in ClimateSavers Week!

Find & Be Found as a VISITOR

Where we get to know each other professionally in greater detail. Find and be found by people looking to network and collaborate.

Exhibit & Find EXHIBITORS

Be a part of the "exhibition hall". Provide and discover a wealth of useful company / organizational information to determine whether there's potential for collaboration.  

Learn & Network at EVENTS

Whether you want to inform others about your event and allow them to exhibit, or find events to attend, event audience members come here to find and be found.

Kickoff Roundtable!

We've brought together thought leaders in 12 different fields in 2 sessions. Each will discuss the connection between climate change and their specific field of expertise, with an emphasis on the financial challenges, requirements, and opportunities climate change poses to their specific field.

Kickoff events

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Event date

Event time

Event summary

Event description

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Roundtable Event speakers

See who's here...

Meet the ClimateSavers working to decelerate climate change

​Hover over the pictures below to read more about the person, and then click to visit their profile.


See what events other organizations are holding this week...

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Find events and network with people in each of the fields...

Then, click here to go to the field page

On the field page you can attend events, learn about exhibitors and connect with people involved in that field. Below you can see which SDGs are connected to the field you chose.


Sustainable Development Goal #7:

"Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all."

Our Amazing Partners & Sponsors

Global ClimateSavers Week 2021 is made possible in part through the generous support of our partners and sponsors.

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