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Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2022 Impact2030 events.

Each event is an excellent branding opportunity for companies interested in raising their profile, whether to attract investment, provide services and/or funding that can contribute to the success of collaborations, or find potential partners for group or 1:1 partnerships.

Event attendees include investors of all types (angels, institutional, venture capitalists, investment bankers, fund managers, etc.), startups as well as more established companies, service providers, government and civil society organizations, all eager to uncover opportunities in environmental and synergistic markets all impacting and impacted by climate change.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Ian Kaplan

Impact2030 Collaborations
Impact2030 Collaborations 
are the seeds for a critical mass of focused activity involving partners from multiple fields, all leading to the specific initiative's desired end-result while also building a wider & more robust climate-friendly economy. These collaborations aim to fund, develop, deploy & scale solutions, products & services that will ensure a viable long-lasting legacy for future generations.

Collaboration Initiatives
Each Impact2030 strategic collaboration initiative focuses on several synergistic core topics and fields which together have the potential to significantly change the scope, scale and impact of climate change. Each initiative aims to achieve a specific, strategic, highly impactful end-result. Initiative participants both...

Impact2030 Events
Impact2030 Events (online) bring together a diverse range of stakeholders in the various strategic fields related to the specific initiative through a series of synergistic events. Each event addresses 2 or more different fields plus health, and aims to facilitate networking to catalyze & advance cross-industry collaborations relevant to the specific initiative.

Impact2030 is a VISION supported by a STRATEGY built on a PLAN

Our VISION is for a future limited to 1.5 degrees warming built on a climate-friendly economy that can be scaled to replace current climate-unfriendly activities and industries.

This involves the creation, growth and success of climate-friendly solutions, services & organizations that aim to shape and lead the way into a resilient, robust, sustainable future.

Our STRATEGY is to bring people together to:

  1. Catalyze collaborations across a wide range of strategic industries and sectors all impacting - and impacted by - climate change;

  2. Facilitate scaled-up implementation of contextually-relevant solutions for energy, water, building, transportation, waste, etc. around health facilities & supporting infrastructure that can provide deployment  "anchor points" for wide-ranging impact;

  3. Demonstrate how a global economy based on diverse climate-friendly economic activity can be built that also enhances [health] infrastructure resiliency and reliability.

Our PLAN is built on a series of 12 month plans. Each 12 month plan comprises a series of complementary events in strategically-chosen fields that catalyze collaboration, facilitate their implementation and support their scaling.

Impact2030 is a PLAN supporting a STRATEGY to realize a VISION

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Passionate about making an impact?

Join an Impact2030 Initiative & turn 2022 into a different kind of COP -

a "Celebration of Partnerships"

Impact2030 is a multi-year series of strategic initiatives, each with a specific end-result goal. Each Impact2030 initiative brings people together through synergistic events & collaborations to alter the pace & impact of climate change while keeping the goal of staying within 1.5 degrees warming alive.

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People anywhere & everywhere working to address climate change

Find and be found by people who care about climate change. Create a detailed personal profile, or join the faces gallery with a shorter profile... or both!


Exhibiting Companies & Organizations working on innovative & impactful solutions

Create your organization's profile and/or find and connect with startups, investors and other organizations involved in climate change-relatedactivities.


Exhibitions & Events to increase awareness, make connections & accelerate change

Create your own event and/or find and participate in other events related to climate change, including networking with event audience members.


Discussions about a wide range of fields all connected to climate change

Participate in discussions, launch polls, share images, videos and articles. Make your voice heard & listen to the voices of others also concerned about climate change.


Add a Title
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Events Calendar

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Attend 3D virtual exhibitions featuring the most innovative companies around the world.

From your sofa.

(No special headsets, goggles or glasses required)

Increase the impact of your event even after it ends


Your event audience members' profiles can stay open 24-7-365 so they can connect with each other to build new relationships and impactful collaborations, even after your live event ends.

Maximize exposure for your event by holding it as part of a global initiative

Your event will be exposed and accessible to a global audience by being part of the ClimateSavers week being held in partnership with multiple leading organizations from around the world.

Maximize the value of your event for your audience

Your event becomes more valuable to your audience when you enable your audience members to also network with each other, even after the live events ends.

Personal Profiles

Where we get to know each other professionally in greater detail. Find and be found by people looking to network and collaborate.

Faces Gallery

The online version of the coffee bar where people come together socially to mingle and learn a bit more about the person behind the face.

Climate Solutions

Be a part of the "climate solutions exhibition". Provide and discover a wealth of information about companies / organizations offering solutions, services, technology & funding.

Events / Exhibitions

List and find events on topics related to climate change; event attendees can also register to appear in a specific event's networking page to network with each other.


Present details about a problem / challenge that requires longer-term [R&D] cooperation so people interested in collaborating can join you.

Commercial Opportunities

Present details about immediate opportunities for commercial partnerships [or short-term technical projects] to accelerate deployment of impactful solutions / services.

Increase the impact of your event even after it ends


Your event audience members' profiles can stay open 24-7-365 so they can connect with each other to build new relationships and impactful collaborations, even after your live event ends.

Maximize the value of your event for your audience

Your event becomes more valuable to your audience when you enable your audience members to also network with each other, even after the live events ends.

3 ways to accelerate collaborations on TheClimateSavers

Launch / Join a VENTURE


Successfully overcoming challenges requires efficient collaboration between partners.


Create you own collaborative venture, or join an already existing venture. Then bring everyone together to interact and work in 1 online location with useful tools that make collaboration simple and efficient.

Build / Join a TEAM

Effective teams are made of people with complementary competencies.


Find and connect with people and organizations who's competencies match exactly what you're looking for on your team, or be found by others looking for someone like you to join their team.

Host / Attend an EVENT

Events bring together people who share a common topic of interest.


Event networking pages mean whether you register your own event, or "attend" someone else's event and connect your profile to that event's networking page, you can find - and be found by - people all looking to connect.

Camping gear:

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Ahead of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in November, Global ClimateSavers Week will be a week of online events from October 25-29 - webinars, roundtables, pitch events, innovation matching, and more - held by organizations all around the world, all focusing on fields connected with climate change!


Each event registered on TheClimateSavers platform includes an Event Networking Page where the event audience can network after creating their own personal profiles. Event audience members can find and interact with people attending their own event, as well as attendees from other events, even long after the live event itself ends because the networking page stays open 24-7-365. This catalyzes a never-ending wave of new cooperative collaborations all focused on addressing climate change.

Opening Event


ClimateSavers Week opens with an online roundtable session where 12 thought leaders - 1 for each of the 12 fields TheClimateSavers addresses - present their views on their respective field, including reference to the financial implications, opportunities, requirements & challenges facing their field as regards climate change.​​


A Week of Events

Many other events are also being planned by other organizations, such as separate deep-dive discussions about each of these fields led by the roundtable speakers themselves, educational roundtables about regenerative principles, presentations about reforestation projects, insights into investing in climate change ventures, and much more. Watch this page to see what new events are registered.

- Who can participate? -

​Global Climate Savers Week aims to bring together:

  • Startups developing innovative technologies

  • Companies that can accelerate deployment of market-ready climate-improving technologies

  • Investors & funding sources

  • Trade associations & local economic development organizations

  • Academia & NGOs

  • Government offices dealing with policy, planning, regulations, etc. connected to climate-change-related fields

  • Anyone who cares about climate change!

  • Any organization can initiate an event, list it on TheClimateSavers platform, and receive an Event Networking Page.

  • Any company can register to appear in an Event Networking Page and/or in TheClimateSavers general networking exhibition.

  • ANY PERSON who cares about climate change and wants to network with other like-minded people can create a detailed personal profile that appears in the Event Networking Page of their choice and/or TheClimateSavers general networking exhibition. And don't forget to also join the Faces Gallery to show your support for efforts to address climate change!

- Where does this take place? -

The live online events held by the different organizations will take place on whichever conferencing / video platform the event organizer chooses, while TheClimateSavers platform will be the central online information and networking hub hosting all profiles (event, personal and business) as well as the networking page for each event.

- How much does it cost to participate? -

There is no cost to participate - it's 100% free!

- Why are we doing this? -

Our mission is to accelerate awareness, networking and cooperation between anyone, anywhere who cares about and/or is working to help address global climate change. Please join us! (We are looking for sponsors and partners who can help spread the word.)

- Want to learn more and/or join us? -

Email us for more information about joining us as a speaker, partner, sponsor, or premium exhibitor.

What do events registered on TheClimateSavers offer?

Increased event VALUE

Events becomes more valuable to their audience members and visitors when they can also network with each other, even after the live events ends.

Increased event RELEVANCE

Events bring together people interested in the same topic, making them the ideal place to network and create new relationships with people with similar interests & goals network and create new relationships.

Increased event IMPACT


Event audience members can continue to connect with each other to build new relationships and collaborations because their profiles can stay open 24/7/365.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

ClimateSavers Week offers a unique opportunity for organizations to take a leadership role in their field, stand out on the global stage, and connect with other members of the global community who care about and are working to address climate change.

We offer 3 choices to meet your budget and desired level of exposure.

--- Platinum Sponsor ---


Maximum exposure by appearing in all 11 fields:

  1. Logo placement on TheClimateSavers home page

  2. Logo placement in gallery on ClimateSavers Week welcome page

  3. Logo placement on all 10 index pages

  4. Logo placement on opening event page

  5. Speaking opportunity during opening event

  6. Office hour scheduling via all field index pages

10 opportunities available

$10,000 / sponsorship

-- Gold Sponsor --


Focused exposure by appearing in 5 fields of your choice:

  1. Logo placement in gallery on ClimateSavers Week welcome page

  2. Logo placement on 5 field index pages of your choice ("field sponsored by")

  3. Logo placement on opening event page

  4. Special mention during opening event

  5. Office hour scheduling via your 5 sponsored field index pages

20 opportunities available

$5,000 / sponsorship

- Silver Sponsor -


Targeted exposure by appearing in 1 field of your choice:

  1. Logo placement in gallery on ClimateSavers Week welcome page

  2. Logo placement on 1 field index page of your choice ("field sponsored by")

  3. Logo placement on opening event page

  4. Office hour scheduling via your 2 sponsored field index pages